Trimming Huge Tree Branches

Huge trees naturally grow huge branches. And when these branches get to the point that it needs to be trimmed or cut down, you have to be very extra careful that the process won’t damage anything especially to the bark of the tree and other systems that contribute to its natural healing process. There are a lot of aspects to consider in trimming these big branches, so without further ado, here are the steps on how to trim or remove big and heavy tree branches. 

 Tree Branches


The first thing you need to consider is the healing of the trees. They do not heal like how humans do, however, every time you cut of a branch, the tree will begin to form a special kind of callous tissue that looks like a tree scar that would cover the wounded part and protect it from decaying or acquiring any disease. The scar would last forever sealing the cut part of the tree to keep it going over the years. However, these tissues only cover up the tree if the trimming was done correctly, so always be cautious and careful in trimming these branches because if not, it will leave your tree wounded, weak, and prone to disease. There are three steps on how to trim a huge tree branch, First, cut a small notch part in the bottom part of the branch, given that it is a huge limb, cut it two to three feet from the trunk. The purpose of this is to avoid the splitting of the branch when you are trying to make the relief cut Doing a relief cut is cutting a part of the branch that is outside the notch part. From the word relief itself, it removes the weight of the branch in order to stop the branch from falling or splitting as you do the final cut. Lastly, do the final cut. This is the most important step and also the part that truly matters in trimming huge tree branches. When you do the final cut, make sure you do it on where the branch collar, the one that looks like a swollen bump, transitions to the smooth part of the branch bark. You can just follow the slant line of the collar, however, there are times where it gets hard to fit your saw into the notch with a very precise angle. If this happens, cut the branch from the bottom up.  

Despite the seemingly easy instructions on how to trim huge tree branches, doing it by yourself can be a very tiring and difficult job and also a very dangerous one. You can follow these steps in order to avoid any initial or further damage in your tree, however, if you do not have the necessary tools, the skill, and the experience, never do tree trimming by yourself. Fortunately, there are tree care services that can help you with it. If you want to get your tree branches trimmed properly, check out tree service in Marietta GA and avail their tree care services today.